Essential Oils Good for Skin

Essential Oil Recipes and Skin Care Tips for Your Health & Beauty

Find Health & Beauty in Essential Oil Recipes from All Over the World

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I have launched the global collection of modern and traditional essential oil recipes as a source of inspiration for all of us who like to make our own cosmetics choosing pure and effective natural ingredients of plant or mineral origin. Brings You Inspiration for Health and Creativity in:

Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Safflower oil has the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids

Formulas will be added gradually and you can watch the collection grow with recipes for beauty products from every corner of the world.

There will be formulas for DIY face moisturizers and face masks, homemade shampoos, body oils, toothpastes or tooth powders, perfumes and natural makeup as well as herbal medicine and home remedies for different skin conditions. Recipes Are All Natural & Easy

Vitamin Treatment for Your Skin

Sea buckthorn is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, tannins and mineral salts

Everyone who wants to contribute is welcome. Be it with an old family recipe, a formula from the tradition of Ayurveda or Chinese medicine that works well for you or your own invention.

Let’s share our favorites and get a valuable source of knowledge that will help us find the all natural formulas that work best for each of us easier and faster. Let’s have fun and attract more creative people to making their own organic cosmetics at home and improving their skin condition, health and well-being.

Join In with Creative People and Have Fun

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