Essential Oils Good for Skin

Essential Oil Recipes and Skin Care Tips for Your Health & Beauty

DIY Skin Care

Try Essential Oil Recipes And Enjoy Home Skin Care

Rosmary essential oil is great for mature and dry skin

Rosemary essential oil is great for mature and dry skin

Once you give it a try there is no going back. Your skin recognizes the difference between beauty products containing synthetic cosmetic ingredients and organic skin care immediately.

You feel the rich texture, the vibrant fragrance and the clear colors and you want to make the experience of homemade all natural cosmetics an everyday part of your life.

Choose Essential Oil Recipes for:


       DIY Face Moisturizer

       Homemade Face Wash

       DIY Sunscreen

       Homemade Facial

       DIY Facial Toner

       DIY Lip Balm


       Homemade Shampoo

       DIY Hair Mask

Body Care

       Homemade Body Wash

       DIY Body Butter & Body Oil

       Homemade Bath Salts & Bath Oil

       DIY Body Scrub

       Homemade Insect Repellent

Oral Hygiene

       DIY Toothpaste

       DIY Tooth Powder

       Homemade Mouthwash

Homemade Perfume