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The Vitamin DIY Face Oil

Nourish Your Skin with the Vitamin DIY Face Oil

Benefits for Skin

Sea buckthorn oil is a valuable natural ingredient for essential oil recipes.

Sea buckthorn oil is a natural vitamin cocktail perfect for DIY face moisturizer or homemade face cream

The DIY face oil with a lovely fruity fragrance and light non-greasy texture nourishes skin with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The simple mix of safflower oil and sea buckthorn oil is anti-inflammatory and supports natural skin protection and effectively helps its regeneration.

Safflower oil has the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids and is one of the best edible oils in the world. While sea buckthorn is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, tannins and mineral salts.

Natural Ingredients

  • safflower oil (50 ml)
  • sea buckthorn oil (10 drops)

How to Make the DIY Face Oil

  1. Into 50 ml of safflower oil add 10 drops of sea buckthorn oil.

How to Use the Face Oil

Safflower oil is a great DIY face moisturizer ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Safflower oil is light, non-greasy but highly moisturizing and suitable for sensitive skin

The homemade face oil has a light orange colour and is therefore better to use in the morning or at least 1 hour before going to bed otherwise it could stain your bedsheets.

A bottle with a spray will make the application easier. 2 doses are enough for your face and neck.

Skin Care Tips

Add 15 drops of rosemary essential oil to enhance purifying properties of the face oil.

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