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The Tangerine Essential Oil DIY Lip Balm

Make Your Own Lip Balm with the Tangerine Essential Oil that Lifts Up Your Mood

Benefits of the DIY Lip Balm

Lip Balm with Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil has relaxing and disinfecting properties

Coconut oil is a great natural homemade face moisturizer. It helps regenerating and calming sensitive and irritated skin.

Coconut oil contains high percentage of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, lauric acid, caprylic acid and caproic acid. It protects your skin with antibacterial properties and helps healing.

Tangerine essential oil is an efficient psychic stimulant. It lifts up your mood, helps you relax and calms nausea and hiccup. Thanks to its disinfecting and refreshing properties and pleasant fragrance the tangerine essential oil is perfect for oral hygiene

Natural Ingredients

  • Coconut oil (30 ml)
  • Tangerine essential oil (15 drops)

How to Make the DIY Lip Balm

  1. Melt 30 ml of coconut oil. It melts with body temperature so 35 °C/95 °F is enough to melt it. You can use slightly higher temperature if you want it to melt faster. 
  2. Add 15 drops of tangerine essential oil and mix well.
  3. Pour in a small jar with a lid and let it cool down.

How to Use the DIY Lip Balm

Dab a little bit of the lip balm on your lips and press them together. It will easily melt into your skin, moisturize it, make it softer and glossy.

Skin Care Tips

Into the melted lip balm add half teaspoon of melted honey for even better moisturizing properties and sweet taste. 

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