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Jana’s Story

Fascinated by the Power of Plants

Maja the Author of Natural Skin Care Recipes from All Over the World

Hi, I’m Jana

My name is Jana and I’m 41. When I was growing up I used to watch my mom making delicious eldeberry syrup acting as a strong immune system booster and beautifully fragrant herbal tea made of rose hip, mint, coltsfoot, linden and a pinch of lavender.

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of plants and herbs. And I have studied the ways every plant has been used in the tradition of holistic healing or skin care.

The Quest for the Best Skin Care

Searching for the Best Skin Care Products

Pure natural ingredients make the most effective cosmetics

In my twenties I had tried a few big cosmetic brands but soon returned back to organic cosmetics which I find so much more satisfying when it comes to fragrance, colour, texture, application and effects. I had began to study lists of ingredients in my quest to find pure herbal products.

I had looked for all natural products of genuine quality with 100 % of ingredients of plant or mineral origin. Then I had stopped looking for the perfect brand and I have started studying natural substances themselves instead. And making my own products.  

Studying Herbs around the World

Let's learn from the rich local traditions in skin care  and beauty products

Let’s learn from the rich local traditions in skin care and beauty products

I learn eagerly about local natural medicine, beauty products and perfumes everytime I travel. In China I was intrigued by pearl dust being used as a face mask. I was enchanted by the rich tradition of Ayurveda in India and its abundant use of all kinds of oils.  

In Northern Africa I fell in love with Rhassoul clay that has a long tradition of use for health and detox purposes in hammam. And I keep on studying herbs used in European tradition.

My All Natural Formula

Let's share our experience with homemade natural skin care

Let’s share our experience with homemade natural skin care

Figuring out the all natural recipe was easier with some products than with others. At times it required some courage and determination. Like when I tried to use my favourite Moroccan clay as a toothpaste. Yep, can’t really recommend that. Although its properties are great for this purpose as well. I gritted my teeth and tried to tough it out. But at the end I wasn’t able to overcome the taste.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to go through that. Join the great community at, draw inspiration from experience of others and share your own.  

Let’s Share What Makes Us Happy

I am happy to share with you my ultimate formula that took me so long to figure out and serves me so well. It‘s a result of applying the knowledge of tradition and intuitive experimentation.

The Vitamin Face Oil

The Mineral Shampoo

The Clove Tooth Powder

The Raspberry Sunscreen

The Rosemary Insect Repellent

Enjoy the unique gifts of nature and have fun on the way to make your own elixir.


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